NewQ Fingerprint U Disk Data Encryption Accurate Recognition Type-C Interface USB Flash Disk Hi-Speed USB3.0 Custom Private Public Disk Capacity APP Management System for Smart Phone PC 256GB


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Data Encryption.
The same file has different encryption data in different U disk, which greatly increases the cracking difficulty.
Triple Protection of Data
The smart fingerprint U disk D2 helps you to prevent the business secrets being stolen, the important information regarding clients being disclosed and the original works being copied.
Random Secret Key.
The secret key for each U disk is randomly generated, which is unavailable to others, and the data can not be retrieved in the case of key loss.
0.5S Rapid Recognition.
The fingerprint is read at one touch, and the sensing rate is ≤0.5S.
High-speed transfer and more efficiency.
USB 3.0 high-speed interface delivers 70-80M/S read & write speed and saves the file transfer time and greatly improve the working efficiency.
Type-C Interface.
Standard Type-C interface, allows to view the encrypted files.
Wide Compatibility.
Compatible for the smart phones, laptops or other devices with Type-C ports, and compatible with OTG. The smart phones with common Micro USB port requires to use adapter.
Protecting the private photos from disclosure.
Allows to be read directly in the mobile phone to expand the capacity of Type-C devices, for files transferring and photos backups, etc.
Free Distribution of Capacity. 
Includes public disk and private disk, allowing to freely distribute the capacity for public disk and private disk.
Automatically hide the private disk.
The public disk can be accessed immediately after plugging in the computer, and the private disk shows after the fingerprint or password authentication, to prevent data breach
Small Size, Portable and Anti-lost
Mini size makes it easy to carry and comes with the key ring for easy carrying.
6 Fingerprints IDs can be added.
In terms of team work, it enables to enter 6 fingerprint IDs to ensure the security of important works and prevent unauthorized access.
Easy Carrying.
Key ring makes it easy and convenient to carry.
High Quality Alloy Material.
Made of high quality alloy, to ensure its oxidation resistance and durability.


Item: Fingerprint U Disk
Brand: NewQ
Model: D2
Material: Alloy
Interface: USB3.0+Type-C
Capacity: 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB (Optional)
System Supported: For Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10/Mac
OTG System Supported: for Android 6.0 or above (requires Type-C port)
Item Size: Approx. 6 * 1.8 * 0.9cm / 2.4 * 0.7 * 0.35in
Item Weight: 17g / 0.6oz
Package Size: 13 * 9cm / 5.1 * 3.5in
Package Weight: 31g / 1.1oz
How to Operate:
1 Plug the U disk into the computer, and click on the CD drive: NewQ, and double-click to execute the application.
2 In the case of first input, you need to set the administrator password and administrator fingerprint.
3 After logging in, you can add, delete and rename fingerprints.
4 Move the slider to adjust the capacity of the public and private disk by mouse, and please note that it may format all disks after clicking “OK”, abd you need to back up all important information.
5 After setting, please unplug and plug the U disk, and use fingerprint to unlock to enter My Computer, to show the hidden disk.

Package Include:

1 * U Disk

Additional information

Weight 35.45 kg
Dimensions 13 × 9 × 1 cm


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